Beautiful Disaster

Crashing and burning,
all of these thoughts are whirling.
My minds hazed,
but really,I don’t feel phazed.
So much hate,
a heart forced to grow hard,
yet so sensitive,
filled with undieing love.
My heads full of swimming thoughts,my bodys worn.
I can’t take much more,
I’m already so torn.
I’m happy,
but my hearts full of sorrow and regret.
My body aches for it,my mind craves it.
The in-beteewn,
I’ve never wanted anything more.
Trapped within the prison walls of my mind,
afraid to be myself,but fighting for my escape.
Throwing myself around,desperate,
running from the light,fightig for my life.
still attempting to fix the impossible.
This wall,those doors,
can you not tell my minds far my minds far different than yours?
My chains,my leash,
my dark,my light.
Running,always fighting,
Always giving in.
I always lose,
but my curse?
I’ll forever be forced to live with and fight this
Beautiful Disaster.


Todays best new poem was written by Courtney Shaw.


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