Beautiful And Bold

After a good rest
I’m ready to return
The mind is clear
Filled with new words
With a backload of poems
Beautiful and bold
From the simplest life
To the one we behold
Some poems controversial
What I been told
Life’s not perfect
You have to go with the flow
If you take the beauty
You have to take the bold
Putting new words together
Sets up the poem
To the direction it goes…

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Gary Smallwood


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


42 thoughts on “Beautiful And Bold

  1. Gary’s poems are beautiful. He definitely is a talented man. Looking forward to future works.

  2. this a very good poem all his poems are very good they are honest and sencere and some have a wonderful nostalgic quality that I like a lot.

  3. I have enjoyed Gary’s poem’s and stories for quite awhile. This poem is beautiful.

  4. I have been reading Gary’s poetry for a long time now and he is very talented, this is another amazing poem’s!! I feel each of them have such meaning that touch everyone in some way.

  5. Gary has an Insightful view on the world of poetry; Truth whispered through heartfelt words, which this poem expresses beautifully…

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