God’s Wisdom

Sometimes, when I have questions,
And burdens on my heart,
I call on Christ, my Savior,
Sweet wisdom, He imparts.

Although I ask His will be done,
Each time I kneel and pray,
Sometimes, a part of me holds on,
For things to be my way.

And then His answer may not come,
Just when I think it’s time,
I realize, and then I say,
It’s not my will, but Thine.

The Father’s time is not like mine,
My wait may be much longer,
He’ll answer when His time is right,
And then, my faith grows stronger.

Then too, His answer may be no,
He knows what’s best, you see,
For He knows all that lies ahead,
And He’s protecting me.

So, I will leave my prayers each day,
With the One who’s in control,
I know He guards each breath I take,
And keeps my very soul.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Betty H. Caldwell.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2016?