At Least One

Though elusive when pursued
There does exist a true friend
At least one;
Who will never tease a starving carnivore
With the flesh of your love
Who will never place the warmth of your care
In an efficacious refrigerator
Who will never award your degree of trust
To a noonday pickpocket
And who will never offer for bidding your friendship
In an unfriendly auction

Though clothed in a harmless look
There too exists a devoted enemy
At least one;
Who weeps and wails more than the bereaved
When success pays you a deserved visit
Who worships with Satan’s entire holiness
Every moment of your downfall
Who toils and moils to drain to hell
Every molecule of oxygen in your lungs
And who devotedly waters the growth of friendship
With every toxic drop of venom within reach


Todays best new poem was written by Naf.


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15 thoughts on “At Least One

  1. true, if u don hav at least one friend n at least one enemy, then life is not complete.

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