As You Wish

When you ask me to be with you,
I will always.
When you ask me to sleep with you,
I will with care.
When you ask me to feed you,
I will with tears,
When you ask for help from me,
I will eagerly.
When you ask me to share my happiness,
I will contentedly.
When you ask me to share my secrets and dreams,
I will trustfully.
When you ask me to make your wish come true,
I will intentionally.
But when you say the heart-breaking request
“Get ready to step your foot from my house”
My courageous, cheerful heart cracks into splinters,
Like an earthquake causing cracks on the mighty roads.
My blood turns to water-along with my nerves freezing,
With tearful eyes and sorrowful heart,
I step my feet on the path-one foot first and then the second,
With my last words of love to you:
“As you wished I separate from you,
But my love never demolishes-not even a mustard seed.
And to you I say whenever you need me,
For another wish to come true,
My mind is always ready to say ‘yes my darling’
As you are my child for I am your MOM!

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Azu.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?