Apple Of My Eye

I am a shiny disco ball.
Glitz and glamour are my style.
String me up for the world to see
and watch my dazzling smile.

I light up any party at your command.
Dance floor high and center I parade.
Swinging drunkenly back and forth.
All the time, day to day.

I am your spectacular.
I am your crowning glory
Life I do not control.
You tell my story.

I am a thing to you.
I am a disco ball.
You do not see who I am
You’d be appalled

For I am not a disco ball
I am not your prized possession.
My soul? It cannot be owned.
I am not your obsession.

I shine dark ruby red with anger
as I swing from your dance floors ceiling
I am not your disco ball
I have feeling.

Todays best new poem was written by Kane Jordison.


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