Another True Story

When I was superman I could fly
higher than a ferris wheel
up in the sky

‘All the way up there
Where the satellites could knock you down
where a laser beam can hit your head
make you tumble

When I was superman I was living
out of town
Overseas, somewhere I cannot disclose

And I was looking for that perfect gal
but, all I found were secret agents and spies

Her name was sara foster
and I don’t think I’ve ever had better
than that tech. busted down to SSgt.
or the blonde imitation of her

Many girls lost many stripes
when losing it upstairs
Satellites travel fast
the coffee served made [for] even faster

Running after work
Running away later
Running and Still Running
like the water[fall] [EL] Cap-y-tan


Todays best new poem was written by David Ehrgott.


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