Angel Walks

Walking with my Angel on pastures fresh and green.
Talking about the future and the places I have seen.
We talked about the world today.
The greed the hate,the pain,
Selfless and negativity,
These he gave the blame.
So deep in talk I never notice that all the green had gone.
Brambles,thrones and burnt down trees I wonder what went wrong.
No birds were a singing, no golden morning dew.
No butterflies or ladybirds just land that’s burnt right through.
How has this happened? Is there something I could do?
Can I bring back this precious land and make the skies stay blue.
He then picked up a pebble and placed it in my hand.
I looked at him quite oddly
Trying to over stand.
Then felt the pebble warming and slowly turn to sand.
Golden was its colour with spikes of diamond crust.
Then I felt a sudden edge of love, joy and lust.
As the feeling grew with power.
My body began to glow.
And all around the burnt out land Blackroses began to grow.
The roses then took form and shape and I started to see life.
They had changed now completely all calm not one had strife.
Now I turned towards my angel.
In hope that he would say.
For something magical was happening on this uplifting day.
But my angel now looked different as he faced the other way.
As I went to touch his shoulder I didn’t know what to do.
For the angel that will change this world the face I saw was you.

Todays best new poem was written by Mica.


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2 thoughts on “Angel Walks

  1. I loved this piece. It reminds people that energy is contagious and can change how you see things.

  2. Thank you kenya for your lovely comment, if there was only more self love and love for others this world would be a better place.
    And that I what I was trying to help people believe that to change the world we must look inside our hearts. Thank you again .

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