An Immigrants Welcome

Welcome to America,
it’s the home of the “free”.
Sign up for welfare,
don’t miss what’s on TV..

Or work 40 plus hours
to pay your bills plus income tax,
and maybe have enough left over
to pay the price for gas..

You get 2 days off a week
and maybe a vacation,
unless you owe on loans
for a college education..

Or you can be a soldier,
kill people and get great pay..
Free schooling for your kids
where to God they cannot pray..

You must pay taxes
on land that we let you say you “own”,
and we’ll be spying on you everywhere,
even inside your home..

If you break our rules,
you’ll be locked up in our jail,
where we can torture you
inside of a concrete cell..

Now that your here,
we hope you enjoy your stay..
You are always welcome
in the grand old USA!!!…

Todays best new poem was written by P. K. Johnson.


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