Am I The Person…?

I have lived this life,

It is not as it was before,

All of the thought and dreams I’ve shared

have left me feeling somewhat unsure.

What OF my unheeded desires

of this life I have lived?

Enjoying all the moments of pure joy,

Digesting all of the love we give.

See me standing here

wishing the sweet rain away.

Having faced most of my fears I ask-

Am I the person you see today?

READ into the words that

I have written onto this page,

Watching as my thoughts grow

in and out of every stage.

Take me in as I smile,

Walk the road I’ve travelled on,

feel the warm rays of the newest sun

and let go of all that feels wrong.

Enter into my life

and let the love take you away.

I wonder to myself and outloud-

Am I the person you see today?

Given to us is the will

to live a mere slice of what we dream,

All the joyful moments really are

better than they may have seemed.

Todays best new poem was written by Philip.


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