All The World Is A Challenge

All the world’’s a challenge,
and in all of our lives we must learn to overcome them.
As a babe, helpless and vulnerable,
dependent on the mother’s delicate hands that caress it’s new born head
and her warm beating heart that care to his every whim.
Smelling of vomit and feces,
their only challenge is to lean on their mother’s nurturing breast and survive.
Next is the child, stubborn in act and piercing to the ears.
Only consisting of violent thumps to the floor and a bratty temper,
In this young age they become manipulative.
Like a puppet master pulling the strings to control his puppets.
As they mature, they begin to think of themselves as all-knowing
Yet they do not have the wisdom behind him to see his faults.
As they ignore the advice shared by their mentors, only to run into a wall in return.
Like a bull, they become stubborn and unbearable.
As they grow, the character leaves them.
For he has now become a man.
With fists held high and head held even higher.
For he is now in the prime of his life.
As the man grows older, his back becomes arched
and his stomach becomes rounded. But his mind has not withered.
For he is as wise as a great owl. As life becomes tiresome,
the now old man takes his spot in his rocking chair.
Already embedded to his shape and accustomed to his schedule.
As the old man breathes his last breath, he dies in peace for he has overcome the challenge that is the world.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Jordana Abugattas.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?