Alien Brother

My baby brother Petey
is from another planet.
If you don’t believe me
you can ask my cousin Janet.
Last Sunday’s Easter dinner
with our great Grandma June
he omitted a smell so foul
it completely cleared the room.
He doesn’t have any teeth.
His skins so white it glows.
He is wrinkled from his neck
down to his tiny toes.
He possesses powers of mind control
that only work on mother.
No matter how much he poops, pees, and leaks,
she asks, “How cute is your little brother?”
Sometimes an unknown goo
forms in the corner of his eyes.
He spits ,and snots ,and pukes,
and wakes up screaming in the night.
His eating habits are horrible.
Even the dog is appalled.
pureed carrots in Petey’s hair,
and split peas on the wall.
I must have been immune before
to little Petey’s charms.
Till he started crying,
and I held him in my arms.
He looked at me, lovingly
laughing like a clown.
The little alien grew on me.
I can not put him down.
My baby brother, Petey,
was created in outer space.
So I thank the heavens every day,
and kiss his angel face.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Tonya Overstreet.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?


15 thoughts on “Alien Brother

  1. This is the best poem by far. Not too complicated. I would love to see this as a children’s book with illustrations

  2. I love this! Very cute I love how he refers to his brother as an alien but soon realizes he’s just a precious baby he really grows to love him!!

  3. This is a wonderful poem! It is fun, silly, and cute! Most definitely something I would read to my children! Go Tonya!!

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