A family Traveling, A girl in the back.
The car had crashed, and home she lacked.
She grabbed her Treasure, her brown teddy bear.
She laid by a tree, and saw smoke in the air.
She glazed at the stars, and thought of a song.
She cried to the moon, and asked “What went wrong?”
At only eight years, she must grow up fast.
She’s now not the kid, she was in the past.

This small girl, sits by a tree.
She doesn’t notice, that now she’s free.
So close to death, she lost the danger.
But she cries alone, until she spots a stranger.

Stepping out of the lights, he whispers in mild.
“What is with you, abandoned child?”
She asked the man, “Who shall it be,
The man that speaks, directly to me?”

“I am he, him once lost.
Tried to find home, but all was lost.
I did not know how to live on my own,
I could not know, until i was grown.
Stand up young child and lift your head high,
Or freeze by a tree, on the ground; you lie”

She looked down at her treasure, her brown teddy bear,
In the arms of a Corpse, her eyes, shed a tear.
She looked up again to a bright white light,
Holding onto an angel, they flew out of sight.

“Oh mommy, oh daddy i’ll never forget,
The times you’ve hurt me, yet you never regret.
But mommy, oh daddy i’ll never regret,
The times you rarely said, forgive and forget.”


Todays best new poem was written by Rizzie Clarissa.