Real strong pillar woman
Super endless powers woman
Phenomenal take over the globe woman
Round the clock 24/7 woman

not A
Runway model inches of mascara woman
Heels too high to walk woman
Picture perfect Mrs. Cleaver woman
Stop watch reset clock woman

Who do I admire who do I thank who do I applaud mirrored womAn

Enhanced senses of Keller, determination of Earhart
Flawed, realness, heart of Hepburn and Monroe
True beauty icons not pimped on billboards
Fight of Susan B. Anthony, outspoken voice of Rosa Parks
Strength of Laila Ali, heartfelt hands of AKeys, eloquence of Maya
Â…mirrored womAn


Todays best new poem was written by swSavino.


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3 thoughts on “A

  1. The poem has womAn’s feet on the ground. It structures strength, striving for true values vs the ‘cosmo’ chic with textbook traits.
    The poet appears to be an autonomous woman who calls upon the reader to share her inner self.

  2. Marissa
    Welcome to the dark side, poetry!! Great poem! I like the repetition of woman and the images you create concerning us!!

    Suffolk County Poet Laureate

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