A Voice Unheard

A look beyond the grave
Reveals an empty shadow
Of a rugged old woman
Hidden in the ground

She speaks very little
For she knows not what to say
To the people who walk beside her
Stepping on her grave

A child softly whispers
To the woman’s old stone
I love you Grandma
Can you please come home

Upon the tattered ground
A woman lays some flowers
As she kisses her mother’s grave
She quietly walks away

Her voice is silent to the people she loves
Who gently steps over her grave
She listens intently to what they say
For she knows her voice is unheard

Todays best new poem was written by Ana Lynn


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2 thoughts on “A Voice Unheard

  1. it’s very touching…. i love my grandma, n she’s gone so many years ago… n i was so late… i hope she hears what’s in my heart… i love u, grandma….

    • Thank you. I wrote this trying to envision what my grandma was seeing from the other side. This is one of my favorites.

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