A Star Where I Was

You come when I’m shaking and go when I wake,
Set in your grasp are the roots of my mistakes.
A beating heart flounders when placed beneath the pane.

You’re startled by anger and left to hold the gaze,
I opened up to the pace of the day.
A concept you lost was written on the grave.

Now I’m too shy to battle with the waves,
A star where I was is all that’s in my way.
I took the option to leave when you say.

Honour your flaws,
Frame them to the walls.
We’ll burn the pier,
Then we’ll all disappear.

You come when I’m aching and go when released,
Pieces of autumn crawl out to the East.
You should go too because there’s never any peace.

Todays best new poem was written by Tinny Buffnell.


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