A Punch Of Reality

A Boy Stands Holding A Bouquet Of Flowers Under A Lamp Post
The Rain Beats Down On Him, He Stand Still Like A Shimmering Ghost

The Jeans And Shirt He Wears Are Soaked To The Core
But Still He Stands There, Silently Sobbing As The Rain Pours

He Would Rather Stand Here In The Freezing Cold
Than To Be Alone, At Home, On His Own, Growing Mold

Shivering And Shaking
His Heart Slowly Breaking

He Doesn’t Know Why He’s Waiting
In His Head Mentally Debating

He Tries To Move But He Is Ingrained
Tied Down To The Ground By His Own Pain

There Comes A Soft Tap On His Shoulder
He Turns, There Stands A Man Like Himself Only Much Older

The Boy Asks The Man What He Wants
The Man Asks The Boy What Is Wrong

The Boy Retorts “Like You Even Care”
The Man Just Contemplates And Stares

Then He Says “I Know Right Now You Feel Very Alone”
“But You’ll Laugh At This Moment When Your Grown”

“There Has To Be Pain To Experience Happiness”
“Time Can Only Get Better If You Imagine This”

The Boy Says “This Is Real Pain And It Will Never End”
“Imagine Being Punched In The Face Over And Over Again”

“Nothing Can Feel Any Worse So Go Away”
“I Will Stand Here To My Dying Day”

The Man Says “Ok But By The Way You Have An Untied Lace”
The Boy Looks Down And The Man Punches Him In The Face.

The Boy Arises With A Face Cover In A Wide Grin
He Walks Away From The Lamp Post And Learnt To Take Life On The Chin.

Todays best new poem was written by Tobias ‘Spoony’ Price.


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