A Muse

A muse whispers in my ear;
I lean in close to hear the soft murmur.

Lovely violet eyes dance with laughter;
Their infectious joy encourages my soul
For sadness dwells within this hollow shell.

A muse flutters past me;
I lunge forward with a frantic snatch.

Desperate hands closed too late;
A missed opportunity frowns
On my disappointed countenance.

A muse offers me an inspiration;
I eagerly nod my acceptance.

Taunts pour forth from that perfect mouth;
No help will come from there
For mocking laughter assures me so.

A muse playfully tugs my arm;
I slap the pest away from me.

Sharp bitterness stings this heart of mine;
Alas, no aide befall me now
For I, in confidence, must trust myself.

Todays best new poem was written by Andrea.


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