A Man I Could Not Hurt

I dreamt of Xanadu that night and saw the boys of Finland
Trapped by bear and eagle with some poised for valiant life.
Their grandsons may see Northern lights outdo imagined patterns,
but sun-deprived, sun-sated some succumb to suicide.

I sold the country’s gold reserves, now we only flip the euro
And hold our breath while hoping that our figures will improve.
When Athena cheats her lovers
Must Fullo pay the bride price?
as seventeen, with no twins,
is such a noisome brood.

I saw your god the other day,
without faith in himself now
So be your own false idol child and seek the here apparent
the strong men who don’t bully-shout or feel their needs
are greater
The women who don’t need or seek
acceptance or permission.

I found a clue I laid myself,
I found it accidentally,
who knows if merely
can really hurt a man?

I met a man I could not hurt,
someone brave and
That’s possible, you’ve seen it
though the
mind’s eye
tends to

I met a man I could not hurt
But you may…

No one’s invincible

Todays best new poem was written by Vincent Aurelius.


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4 thoughts on “A Man I Could Not Hurt

  1. Simply brilliant. Images of Vikings, Euro Debt crisis, the death of ancient norse gods like Thor and Odin under the hands of christianity, Strong hardened Finnish mothers came to mind when I read this poem

  2. Gosh, so commanding and visual, I see so much as I read this. Quite melodic Vincent, I really enjoyed this.

  3. Thanks Pete and Rafil. Your comments are much appreciated and I’m so glad you get the visuals here. Trying to pull the epic historic and personal together was a great challenge and I enjoyed the blaze as the challenge engulfed me, and spat me out towards the next poem..

  4. This has that clever device of having a lot going on between the lines, those hints at meaning hidden behind meanings. Images between images. It certainly draws you in and keeps you reading!

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