A Letter To My Heart

Beloved Heart,

I know that I have put you through so much already.
I know that I have not guarded you as closely as I should have.
I know that you have deceived me and misguided me in the process.
Yet, I cherish you as dearest to me.
You, most of all, hold on to everything that I hold precious.
Memories, desires, dreams, and wishes – you embrace them all.
Yet, I have one more task for you.
Remember him no more.
Release the imprint of his precious face.
Relinquish the hold he has over you, Heart.
Surrender the sound of his deep, sultry, southern slurred voice.
Abandon the impression of his strong arms,
arms you long to have enveloping your fragile frame.
Renounce his hazel eyes devouring your upturned face.
Discharge his delicious masculine scent from your nostrils.
Let loose his words of passion that set you afire.
Words that turned you lifeblood coursing through your pathways like molten lava.
Refrain from speaking his resplendent name.
A name magnificent and glorious. A name that slips so easily from your tongue.
Abstain from thinking how his mere presence removed from you the ability to breathe.
A presence that turned your lungs into dried sacks of dust until he spoke.
Release him I say, remember him no more.
Life must go on….
Heart, what has happened?
Why have you turned to stone?

Todays best new poem was written by Tracy Lynn.


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