A Fresh Start

It was crazy how we started out
Two people trying to find
Trying to find out about
What’s inside the others mind
Wanting to make a connection
But things got in the way
A lot of drama and deception
So we departed, we went away
As time went on, we finally crossed paths again
Making a conscious effort to beat the odds and win
I realize now, you loved me then
And that I did love you too
And now that we’re back together
We know exactly what to do
We’ll take our love and watch it grow
Letting nothing come in between
In between the bond we have
For it is strong, solid, and serene
You make me smile when I hear your voice
Your touch just soothes my soul
To be in Love with you is not just my choice
It is my heart-felt goal.



Todays best new poem was written by Patrice.


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