A Disappearing Thought

As I sneezed and looked above, I saw someone giving me tough but cute looks,
I walked towards the door keeping aside my books
He sighed,” When will you learn to take care of yourself?”
With a smile I said, “Why should I when you are always there to help?”
All his anger melted and turned into his heart throb smile
Not even a single moment with him goes vile
He held my hand which gave me a shiver
He took me to a beautiful land alongside a river
He walked me to the bridge and asked to sit down
I wish in his mysterious eyes I could drown
The view of murmuring river and soothing greenery was eye-catching
From the clouds, a pleasant sun was hatching
I could see the river changing colors in his eyes
With the vast and beautiful seven skies
“I missed you a lot” he said holding my hand
More beautiful and lovely turned that land
I smiled and he then did continue
“You’re beautiful, before did I tell you? “
He made me blush and my heart beat faster
In making me happy and flirting he’s a master
In a sweet voice, he pleaded,” Take care of yourself, it’s a request”
I protested and said “I try my best”
An amazing sunrise with someone loving becomes more amazing
While I admired the land, towards me with his stunning eyes, he kept gazing
I came back home refreshed and fine
After seeing a land which was completely divine
He winked at me saying,” I’ll miss you and take care”
Kissing on my eyes, he said,” For you I’ll always be there”
The time then ended when we were together
He disappeared giving me beautiful moments to remember.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Visheshta Dahiya.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?