A Chance To Live

Our houses are rubble now,
And we have no place to live,
Our fields are barren now,
We only have our lives to give!

Our livestock is no more alive,
Our children might die today!
It is very hard to survive,
When one’s smiles are washed away!

Our clothes are wet and worn,
We have nothing else to wear,
But our clothes might be torn,
We still have nothing to fear!

For we have families apart from our own!
Who are always ready to give!
Cars or palaces they may not own,
But they can give us a chance to live!

All our brothers, we humbly request,
We only have one life, none to spare!
We need your help to pass this test,
Now is the time, don’t forget to share!

This poem is for the people who were devastated by the floods in my country.

Todays best new poem was written by ASA


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10 thoughts on “A Chance To Live

  1. This poem really shows the determination and spirit of a person who has lost their home (maybe in a natural disaster) I can relate I have been through a house fire twice, once was a week before Christmas last year and it was amazing what people gave, their time, they cooked for us, etc…

    • You know, the floods in my country killed over a thousand people!! People lost their homes and fields!( and to a farmer, his field is his life!) I personally went through no pain from the floods but i wrote it for everyone who did!!
      People support others but sometimes, they just need some motivation. And I hope everything is settled at your end now!! I hope there were’nt any calamities! God bless you and your family! πŸ™‚

  2. I believe poem is the best way of making people feel what is neccessary for them to feel and I guess you’re doing a great job by doing your part so best of luck mate!

  3. I have gone through your various poems and the most admirable are the thoughts you put-in which covers 80% of the good work. ‘A chance to live’ is one of it.
    You need to consult renowned English poets of your city to show your work. Seeking guidance is a best way to polish your work as you are not a literature but a Computer Science student.

    Keep it up and don’t afraid to touch untouchable topics such as ‘what RAM feels when a dump guy like me operates a computer’.

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