A Beacon Of Hope

If I could write every day
to make the pain go away
then that is exactly what I would do
The words I write –only serve as Novocaine
to help me numb the sting and burn
Sometimes, the words are as good and useful
as a flimsy band-aid–that periodically falls off
frequently exposing the painful wounds
to the wild hungry birds as bait
Birds of evil circling their prey
They hope its my wounds
that they feed on today
my weakness is NOT theirs to take.
How long will I have to wait
until it is my turn at the pearly gates?
The decision is not mine to make.
My life is not mine to take.
If not for God, my soul would be gone
-still uncertain why he stopped what I had done
I still have yet to know, why He saved MY soul.
His words are now a guiding light
a beacon of hope
piercing through the longest
and bleakest nights of my life.
My soul belongs to a force stronger than Satan.
Evil finds me challenging.
I am a child of God Almighty
With HIM I will ALWAYS stay.
Thank you Lord, for saving me that day!

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Kasey Louise.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?