A Ballerina’s Journey

All the world’s a grand tour
Setting the stage for its performers.
The young novice dancer skips and prances to the rhythm of the melody,
Practicing day after day, hour after hour.
She begins to develop from bud to flower,
Dazzling and delicate with every passing hour.
Now at the advanced stage, she glides from side to side
Leaping and pirouetting with an effortless stride.
Growing stronger and more flexible as time moves on,
She begins to develop a comely charm.
Great excitement fills the air as she’s chosen by someone, somewhere;
They see her grace, they see her beauty,
There is no denying her God given duty.
As she progresses in this daily routine
Her life is different than those commonly seen.
Improving month after month, year after year
She begins a new stage in her career.
With endless toil and sheer determination
The dancer performs with pure fascination.
Standing on her toes yet dancing so smoothly
The audience is captivated by her outward beauty.
The ballerina dressed all in white
Performs her last dance on this nostalgic night.
Standing back stage as the lights grow dim
Her heart flutters like a butterfly as the time to preform begins.
It has been quite the journey, this dancing career,
And like a memorable sunset the end of this grand tour draws near.
As the roar of applause fills the stage
She takes her last bow and receives her final praise.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Carolynn Rowland.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?


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