4 Letter Word

I once talked to a man
Who said love was but a 4 letter word
“That’s all it is, you say?
That seems shallow and absurd.”

He laughed at my reply
And looked me in the eyes
“It’s just a 4 letter word you see,
A 4 letter word like ‘glee’.
It means nothing more
Than ‘seed’ or ‘door’
‘Cause it’s just a 4 letter word.”

I thought for a moment
At the words he said.
But what he meant
Made no sense in my head.

“But love is a feeling that stays
Not just a word you say
It comes straight from your heart,
It’s not as simple as ‘line’ or ‘cart’
So why would you mention
What seems a deception
Of this 4 letter word?”

His eyes sparked a light
As he listened to me speak
I gazed, confused, at the man,
Not sure what to think.

“A dozen people I’ve met,
And they all have their minds set
That what I say is true,
But love means something to you.
Thank you for having some heart,
And not just agreeing from the start,
‘Cause love is more than a 4 letter word.”

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Lahleepop.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


11 thoughts on “4 Letter Word

  1. The title of the poem catches your attention right away. Everyone wants to know the 4 letter word. The surprise of it being LOVE is wonderful. There is depth to the poem and yet it is very unstandable and touches your heart.

  2. This poem was very captivating in that it appeals to reality from a different perspective. I love the way you took such a simple thing as “love” and dissected its underlying meaning. Very well written and beautifully captured!

  3. This is an absolutely spectacular poem. One of my favorites. How the man never thought that way from the beginning. I see it as standing up and believing in something much more then meets the eye. For love is a captivating force that has so much more to offer.

  4. Wow Kayla! This poem is amazing! I love how it is mysterious at the beginning then it pulls you right in. I really enjoy the ending. It was thoughtful and deep, and it made me want to keep reading. I wish I could write like you! I’m going to need your signature on something so that when you become a famous poet, I can have an authentic signature. You’re the best cousin EVER! 😀

    Thanks for having me read it,

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