My Precious Child

I can’t wait to finally meet you,
I can’t wait to hear your cry.
The cry of joy and love,
the moment you open your eyes.
My beautiful baby girl,
my sweet, precious child;
forever you’re loved,
forever, you make me smile.
You’re still in mommies tummy,
kicking your little feet away.
But you’re also in my mind,
and will be everyday.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Kyra Martin.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


Pripyat Song

Sky sent couriers down to earth
traveling free upon leaves rustle.
A whisper bounced from tree to tree
uniting all the emptied rooms together in a sigh,
sweeping past uncared for lawns
It bumped into a chain.

Through the silence ever silent
laughter now rebounded.
a swing remembered something lost
and slowly took to dancing,
pushing forward to the sky
then rushing back to earth.
Joy unheard for countless sunsets
Twinkled from the park

Mirth spread a fire there about
the wind took quick delight
and set off to seeking other lost
to join in swing’s lost song.

the roundabout still off behind
groaned happy to be turning,
and soon the swing danced with a partner
Hanging down besides
A harmony of rusted chains cried prayers of thanks to Sky.
A bent chain gate, grown thick and mossy
Crashed crying to a close.

Soon satisfied to quite enough
the whispers travel off

The swing stops reaching to the skies
she settles for the earth,
The roundabout decides to rest,
The gate stops half to open.
And once again the park waits quiet
for her next chance to sing.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Sam Taylor.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


I Truly Understand

I understand I truly do!
Your heart has been torn into pieces and your just longing for someone to trust and believe in.
Seeking that special someone that you can put your all into without having to worry about being let down and taken advantage of.
Your heart is yearning for a sense of security that it can dwell in instead of those miserable brick walls you have been forced to build around it to protect it from harm.
I truly understand!
Just a lost Queen waiting for her King to come rescue her from a life of unbearable pain.
Your heart is crying out and it seems as though there is no sign of your savior coming any time soon and that only makes the pain even more excruciating.
Can I be your protector?
Can I fill that deep dark void in your aching heart and be your Knight In Shining Armor coming to your rescue?
I truly understand and it poisons my soul to know that such a pure prize possession has been drowning in such a lonely dark sea.
I am here now and I’m ready to pull you out if only you would take my hand.
Let me be the one to shine a light into your darkness.
Let me remove the towering shade tree hovering above your heart so love can rain down into your mind, body, and soul.
I truly understand and for that very reason all I ask is that you show me where it hurts and give all your heartache and pain to me and let me carry that burden for you.
Show me where you’ve been broken and I will take the remaining pieces and make you whole again.
I’m here and I truly understand!

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Shabazz Shakur 3rd.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


Driving Blind, Looking At The Sky

I keep having this dream– you and I,
we’re in my dad’s old truck
with the windows open,
singing along to my ipod
and letting our hands dangle out,
surfing the winds,
rising and falling
in time with the music.
we can’t sing
for love or money,
but we don’t really care–
not really, because
we’re sitting
next to each other
and the sun is setting
on the darkening parkway
and there is nowhere else
we need to be.
your hair is tangling up
in front of your face,
and you’re laughing.
your voice breaks on a too-high note
but you don’t really care–
not really, because
it’s just us here,
existing side by side–
and I’m driving blind, looking at the sky
and the constellations
in your eyes.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Jessica Jameson.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


The Idiot And The Poet

You know that feeling, at the back of your head,

A thought that’s always there,like background music,

Everytime you wake up or go to sleep, in bed,

The thought at the end, whether first or last, is that music,

that’s born from memories, of a smile, a certain laughter,

a certain twinkle of the eye, of sweetness shared,

And songs sung loud, of words used often.

You’re the strings that embrace my mind. Paired,

are thoughts of care and you, and never before,

have I come back to memory lane, regularly.

But do know this, as I stretch Time and Force

and bend all laws of physics and space,

to rewind time and see that smile, playing around

those dimpled cheeks, I gaze into those breath taking eyes,

all I know is, I am lost, in the beauty that your words can paint.

Sign out I do now, but I pray you hear,

Stretching time once again, those words that are immortal,

in essence, simply, “Love you, Idiot.”

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Y. K. Nambiar.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


Your Hands

Warm hand against my thigh
Once saved another from cold

Fingertips running on my skin
Once fit another like a mold

Large, strong, providing protection
Showed everyone affection

Do I trust these hands
That are the 8th wonder

Or do I neglect them
Because they held another

Todays poetry contest entry was written by PlainJane.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?



Shielding emotions,
like winter snow on the ground,
and decorations on a Christmas tree,
something so beautiful yet,
so hard to see,
hard to see the inside,
when the outside is covered with deceiving beauty,
beauty thats used to block out the truth with more lies,
lies that are thought to be used for the good of things,
but truthfully,
it’s purpose was made specifically to confuse the naked eye,
from what’s been under the nose the entire time,
meaning to lead others into the understanding of wellness,
not to mislead ones own mind into weakness,

Rushing out of the mind,
and down from the eyes in black darts of eyeliner,
are millions of thoughts represented by millions of tears,
washing away the hidden fear and deviant illusions of makeup.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Liz.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?