4 Walls

A city of it’s own
People’s body’s broken
You hear the lock jingle,
Asleep you wake up
Early morning, it is time for your pill.
If you refuse you are marked uncooperative
How did I get here?
You tell staff your son will be coming
The staff knows he will not
They park her wheelchair in front of the front door
She watches for her son that will never come
She will eat her meals
Participate in activities,
Her day will start over again
This is a typical day for many in nursing homes
Try to become a volunteer
You will help one or two patient’s
Yet you will be rewarded many times over

Todays poetry competition entry was written by Ramsey.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


Friendship Fair….

A friend… is a flicker, a light in the…deep dark.
A twinkle in the eye, when love, is the spark.
A friend… puts friendship, before that, destructive mate.
A healing tool…where personal growth… is the fate.
A friend cherishes the tears, you’ve both cried.
A wake of learning…in the friendship… tide
A friend… is content, 2 love you, just the way, you are.
Through the good times and bad, a friendship… scar.
A friend… does good deeds, you know, just because.
They know… your unique, including the flaws.
A friend… is the calm, in the middle of a wake.
Advice is real… personal growth… isn’t fake.
A friend… is still loyal, even when, your not, there.
With, good things, 2 say… friendship fare.
A friend… is the comfort, in the midst, of a storm.
Hugs are real, and the heart beats… warm.
A friend… is a treasure, not of silver and gold.
But of laughter and cheer, as the memories, unfold.
A friend speaks the Truth without omission.
Knowing it matters, Honesty of a Mission
A friend… is unique, rare, is the breed.
Caressing the soul, with a… Compassionate seed.

2 all those friends who stuck, around.
And those who have yet…2 B found ~!

Todays poetry competition entry was written by A Friend in Spirit.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?



Today I place my hand in yours
And trust you with my heart
I vow to love you endlessly
And never wish to part.

To cherish every summer day
And cozy winter night
To try to learn from my mistakes
And set the wrongs aright.

I earnestly accept your flaws
For we will find a way
To live the fullest kind of life
And learn from day to day.

I promise I will need your love,
Advice, and calming touch
And I will be the one you need
When life becomes too much.

This love is one the likes of which
I’ve never known before
And when your hair is turning grey
I’ll love you all the more.

The moment’s here, we say ‘I Do’,
Forever’s starting now;
To you, my own forever love,
I make this solemn vow.

Todays poem competition entry was written by Markie Hurd.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


Life In Seasons

The time in our lives cannot rewind for a reason,
Just as each day passes, so does each season.
We are born with hope and comfort of the growth to come,
And with each spring it revives our flowers to blossom.

We come to a point where we dwell in our unnoticed beauty, whether bold or meek,
And with summer we know that the beauty of the world we rest on has hit it’s peak.

Then we fall, slowly and graciously as a leaf to prove we all have flaws,
But Autumn shows us that even withering colors can leave us in awe.

As we crack and come to our lowest point,
where life has seemed to slowly wither away,
Even winters frigid darkness, leaves us waiting for a brighter day.

Although we can’t rewind, and we can’t undo,
We grow, and learn that just as each season, we can always renew.

We were created to change and grow from pain, we can only feel.
And like the beauty in each season, we can slowly but surely heal.

Todays poem competition entry was written by AmaraH.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?



I re-read the words of Robert Frost,
his green hue for words hung in emerald threads
in the crevices of my mind
I could never grasp his words
“nothing gold can stay,”
it was at this stroke of the clocks hands,
that something fell like a footstep within me;
I understood.
I realized it like the flowers realize their ending bloom;
folding their blossoming petals inward
Nothing gold, and nothing beautiful, can stay
Clutch this within the depths of your heart, and live for beauty,
live for happiness, but realize this will never fully stay
Realize death, yet realize it as perhaps not the end
Just realize.

Todays poem competition entry was written by Anastasia Angela.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


Moving Forward

Women do not be scared to move on from hurt,
Whether, it’s physical, mental or emotional abuse.
We all experienced some kind of lie in the truth,
That he loves us is beyond imaginable pain.
These fears and scars will never go away.
But, I’m here to tell you, you’re stronger than you think,
Although, “otherwise” says our mentality.
How much more will we endure?
The only way is through the back door.
Do not look back at what could have been but forward,
And start getting things in order.
There is love in the eyes of another,
Not a man but family and friends.
Those will always be with you until the end.
We need to recognize it’s not all our fault,
So, stop blaming yourself for all those thoughts,
It’s just a way to keep you down.
From being a strong and unique beauty in life,
Hold your head up and wear that crown,
That was meant for you, as it was passed down.
From generation to generation as you too is a queen,
Your beauty is everything.
Next time you feeling some type of way,
Just know that someone cares and her name is me.
I am here for those hurt, lonely and weak.

Todays poem competition entry was written by Carmen Concepcion.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


What You Mean To Me

What you have baby, I thought I’d let you know,
I’m always thinking of you, Everywhere I go.
Saying sweet things, Having your attention,
and that pretty smile, That I love to mention.
Just looking in your eyes, they light up like some fairies,
Lips so contagious, Sweeter then some cherries.
Can’t forget that giggle, you different from the rest,
To have you in my life, Truly is the best.
What you mean to me, Nobody can compare,
To trade you for a million, That I wouldn’t dare.

Todays poem competition entry was written by Kushy.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?