The Woman In Midnight

Darkness has a monumental growl,
and a occasional bite,
I think that’s why I’m drawn to the
Her skin is midnight, …
that’s why I’m drawn to her,
She told me that she wishes
she could shred flesh,
So the moon could bleach her skin,
I told her to take the leftovers
and mold me a statue of the woman
you were suppose to be,
I’m a artist tonight love,
she said what are you drawing?
I told her to hold still,
I’m drawing beauty from pain

Todays poetry contest entry was written by DeShawn Jones


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


Secret Summer Story

One glance on a starry night on a boardwalk
You and I made some quick small talk
That’s all it took for me to be smitten
Your hand fits mine better then a winter mitten.
Soothing in simmering hot tubs
Just you and I and hot cocoa mugs
Even in this 80-degree heat
To be so close to you would be such a treat
Even when the vanilla candles are no longer lit
Our time still refuses to quit
I may cry and spill out all my fears
And you’d lightly wrap your fingers around my face
Washing away any tears
Twirling my hair around my ears
Wanting what I cannot have
Thinking about you in every way
I wish our time could have lasted and stayed
In every crowd I see your face
But to be together we’d have to be in the same place
If only time worked out better
If only I took advantage of our little time together
If I said exactly what was on my mind and got rid of the silly shy
Then perhaps every time I thought of you I wouldn’t want to cry
It is so cruel to long for something that is wrong
Wishing I didn’t have to be so strong
I’m in one place and you’re in another
Somehow, someway maybe we would just have each other
Even if it is just for one summer
Or just one day here and one day there
I’d be so lucky to have your time to share
I want to let you in and understand your sweet soul
We could be the best summer story ever told

Todays poetry contest entry was written by LL


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


Summer Daze

summer days summer daze
the skies ablaze with tongues of flame
earth celebrates the suns embrace
eager to reciprocate
the wind forays a breathless chase
the fields sway the rivers race
the clouds parade and play their games
while gilded rays caress my face

paragon worthy of praise
heaven arrayed to grace my gaze
with outstretched arms celestial rays
earth’s amber contours enlace
entwined as tight as lovers lay
in sleepy shade of virgin glades
where tangled limbs of willows wave
and satyrs chase their blushing game

the lazy lilies crave the taste
trembling to have their thirst allayed
while greedily they drink the rain
dancing in their brief cascades
til sundrops kiss earth’s supple frame
breezes hum honeyed serenades
converging clouds build palisades
that with a breath scatter and fade

summer days summer daze
bathed in your pervasive grace
could I persuade you to remain
my soul would always be assuaged
summer daze arrest my gaze
the crimson summer sky aflame
so amazed by such displays
enslaved by sultry summer days

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Chrys Alice


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?



I’ve been sentenced to prison
For the rest of my life
But not by a Judge or Jury
By a decision I made, twenty years ago
For a pledge, I vowed to uphold

I live in a clear bubble
For the world to see
Cameras are everywhere
But that won’t discourage me

The blood, the tears, the pain, the deaths
The public’s perception, the constant judging

The emptiness, the loneliness
The tears I cried, the pain I felt
The lives I saved, the people I’ve touched
Nobody really knows

I’ve seen many things within this time
My mind just can’t erase
This is the life, I chose to live

But please don’t judge me
For the actions of others
For I am an individual
I am a Police Officer

To my brothers and sisters in blue
Be mindful in everything that you do
Cause eyes are always watching you

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Jamie Winfrey


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


Tell The Wind

Tell the wind I’ve missed it
holding up my wings,
and tell the sky I’m sorry
for ignoring it’s loud ring.
Calling me to pierce it
with that old instinctive need.
These chains and frozen handcuffs
have only made me bleed.

Tell my hair I’m embarrassed
that I left it up so long.
and for not letting it down to feel
the stormy wind at dawn.
tell my feathers I’m working
on remembering they’re there,
and I know they crave the freedom
as much as I crave the air.

Tell the wind I’ve missed it,
this wild bird’s set free.
my wind and hollow bones
keep me stronger than the sea.
Tell the wind I’ve missed it
I was born to ride the gusts.
The wind’s the only thing I know,
the only one I trust.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Kristi Bates


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


Don’t Let Go

Hold on tight don’t let go What happens next we don’t know
Just stay by my side it might be a bumpy ride most people
Don’t care stick With me we will make it there
Where we’re going there’s no cars look back at the
Moon and stars even Venus and Mars.
Don’t cover your face we are floating in outer space
Wow this is a beautiful plac. We can come back
In our dreams Nothing is ever as it seems
Wake with a smile on your face knowing for once
We kept our pace. This isn’t the end and it’s not
Goodbye spread your wings it’s time to fly

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Heather Miers


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


Between The Lines Of Life

It dawned again, another aesthetic day of Spring,
He rose from sleep, on hearing the chirpy wrens sing,
There he lay his eyes awake, he wished that the night had been longer,
A gush of thoughts to ponder, he seemed to have enjoyed his slumber.

He was prolific and extravagant,
A charming lad with sheer exuberance.
His efforts had earned riches in plenty,
He was a cynosure of charisma and prosperity.
The owner of a huge firm, with a temper so calm,
Hundreds worked for him, loved him,
And gratefully kissed his benevolent arms.

Little did he know that he should be strong,
Before he was diagnosed with the disease,
A demon which made all his calculations go wrong.
A sad message that shattered his bliss.
He had earned glory for his zeal,
But there was no peace ,nor an ounce of glee.

Downhearted and dejected he quit his job,
The firm was crowded with a huge mob.
Sceptical about his absence and longing for his presence.
But not a sign of the chap’s cheerfulness.
Back at home, he felt stifled,
Nobody to care, all alone there,
He went out to grasp some pleasant air.
As he strolled down the street, he noticed two little kids begging for alms
Adorable they looked, with features as sharp as damsels.

He felt sorry, embraced them tight and told not to worry.
Held their hands with love and took them to a park.
A playground adorned by melodies of beautiful larks.
He taught them to sing and tapped a few steps,
Merrily they jumped with bliss and frolic.
The fun repeated every single day,
As he brought more poor children with him each day.
They learnt to write ,learnt to speak,
They drew marvellous pictures and wrote innovative poems.
It was at that moment he found true satiety,
Satiety between the lines of life, when the children were at creativity’s peak.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Jay


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?